Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two Dog Night

It's so friggin' frigid tonight! 17 degrees is about as cold as we southerners can handle. We had to bring the dogs in. They are living it up! Can you imagine if life were that simple for us? Just a warm bed and food to eat. Not even clothes. Not even underwear! Well I'm glad to have both. I do admit that it would be nice though... walking out to the mailbox... not completely naked just fur all over. Like a permanent set of footie pajamas of the most comfortable fabric growing through my skin. I'd never have to wash it. Just hop right into the shower and shake off the excess water.. towel off, blow dry and get straight into bed. Of course the whole genitals on the outside would be a matter but if people can walk down a beach and have picnics in the nude I guess I could get used to it. Well if it weren't for the fur shedding and the Cheetoes smell rising off these two furry animals lying around in our living room.... I think I would rather enjoy snuggling up to these mutts tonight! It wouldn't be quite a '3 dog night' but... its not really THAT cold anyway.

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  1. Oh they love it when you bring them in and you love it too! That is awfully cold for you guys. It's bitter here as well. 30 would feel quite good right now.

    I love your descriptions.....but I think I will remain human and clothed!

  2. We have two mutts in Chennai, we took them from the street and they are spoiled now. They sleep with us and they run the house.

    Love reading your imagination.