Monday, May 31, 2010

Okay Where Did We Leave Off?

Wow! It has been a busy couple of Months: Career Change, Major Auto Repair, Arson Investigations, Playing Gigs left and right.. (I haven't told anyone because I've been playing with other bands.... so it's not technically me playing my music). I'm going to start telling you guys about every time I play though.. even if it's not MY music because I'm not just a singer/songwriter anyway. I like to spread out like smallpox.

Well, I have too much to say so I'm going to say it mostly with my favorite pics since my last blog.... enjoy. And I'll try to do better... Private Party in Maghee Arkansas (hope it's spelled right). The chicks dig me.
Lucy didn't want to leave the lake.

Played lead guitar for Alanna Mosley at Walnut Street Blues Bar.

Learned that replacing a timing belt on a VW Passat ain't worth the $1000.00 I saved.

Saw Junior Adams. Old friend from "Ye Olde Neighborhoode"

Inspected a huge scrap iron company! I got to be 5 years old again.

Realized just how influential the porn industry is on the "modern world". This device is named after a sex toy called the "Oral Exiter". (don't ask what it does and how I know this). Anyway I saw it in a very well known department store security room during an inspection.

Had a Fire Investigation seminar in Tunica. This was how you got into the rear of the hotel. Notice the scrapes from countless drunks entering through the back door after getting lost in the confusing hotel.

The hotel in Tunica had a bidet. I just had to do it. (And NO I didn't actually drink from it!) **(see "Pickles on Pizza's blog")

Ralph is an old guy who hangs out around Headquarters Fire Station. I was doing an inspection at Scott electric where Ralph "works." Mr. Scott, being a nice ole fella gives Ralph work to do which consists mainly of digging a hole in the yard and then filling it back up when he's through. I saw this sign in the bathroom and it just made my day.

Big Fire! Can't say. .. Don't Ask.

One of my favorite shots.

Getting ready to attack.

Todd had to dig a hole or two before we left. I can picture him with a green plastic shovel, yellow rubber boots, and a plastic red bucket. Day at the beach. Memorial Day.

Airport Grocery in Cleveland. Private party with "LazyBone".

Airport Grocery

Wide open at the Crawfish Festival in Leland, MS.