Monday, June 29, 2009

"Captain.. Prepare to resurface!!"

Well, it's getting close to that time again. I did it a few years ago.. Only this time I won't be taking as long in between albums. What is it exactly I'm talking about? I'm talkin' bout my latest and greatest album yet be--ches! I'm getting ready to start playin' again and selling albums. Only this time I did it right. Got a pro to record it, got pros to play it, had pro's master it, had a pro design it and I don't have to print out each cd cover one by one and hand cut them and stuff them into jewel cases and burn each cd one at a time... No no no! Never again! I'm having these baby's duplicated 1000 at a time. Yep, I finally where I want to be and doing what I want to do. Time to start my life's work... I'm bringin' this sub to the top.. (ping.... ping.... , <submarine sound>, ping... ping... etc. fading out into a mere ringing of the ears...)