Saturday, July 18, 2009

What a Day Whew!

Today is what I would call a perfect day! I don't even know what the temp was but it felt sooo good. I cut the yard, washed and waxed the car, stayed outside all day long. I think I only received 2 phone calls. It was peaceful, I talked with my neighbor across the street which is something I never do. Sad but true.. Come to think of it. Where I grew up (north of town) everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood. It's sad to think I don't even know my next door neighbors last name.. That's it! In the near future I'm going to have a neighborhood party and invite everyone over to get to know them. (Knowing I'm fooling myself). But I will definately keep that in mind. We're all set to go to Panama City Beach! Can't wait! Only problem is we're going to have to find a place to get the oil changed in the car. All the quick lubes were closed today! Never realized they closed on Saturday. Guess they have to get off some time and I guess I've never went for an oil change on a Saturday.... odd. Maybe because until recently I've been playing music every weekend..

Ok that's enough jabbering... Piece!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coyote Blue

I've been reading Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore... It started out okay then got better.. Now I'm catching myself laughing out loud here and there... I may have misunderstood this one... When I'm done I may read it again.. just to see if, just maybe, I missed something... If you're a Christopher Moore fan.. can you suggest a good one to start off on? I'm a big Douglas Adams fan so it's hard to find someone who compares. Ok.. gotta get to work now.. Piece!