Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well.. I haven't been in the writing mood lately. But what the hey, here we go:

Sometimes when I have trouble writing I just start writing whatever comes to my mind, just as I'm doing now. Even when there is nothing to say I just write (or type), "I have absolutely nothing to say so I'm just going to say nothing...". I believe it's called freestyle writing but I have trouble calling it so because when I hear "freestyle" I either imagine some kid on a skateboard frozen by camera in mid air on a *half-pipe sporting an asymmetrical hairdo, or I see two rappers on a stage spittin' on mics and *dissin' on each other. Nevertheless I don't use the word out of respect for my youngers. I would hate to have them thinking I've gone hip hop because I used the wrong terminology to describe what I did this evening. "Oh I just ate some cookie strips, designed a few banners then I did some freestyling." Ok, enough for now I'm already getting carried away. Which brings me to this: Whatever happened to Calgon? Remember that big box of soap your Mom used to have by the tub? Me neither! HAA!

Ok I'm going to try some freestylin' here.. you ready?

Oh.. Um.... yeah! uh huh Hit it...

I'm just a plain man....
typin' on a Desk-top
knockin' back some cookies gettin fat wearin' flip flops (yeeah)
the cheap kind that give ya blisters
leave black marks on tha flo when ya trip in tha kitchen
Ain't shaved in dayz,
Look like Jimmy Hendrix on stage High as f*** singin' Purple Haze
It's been a long week cuz
I forgot where it started where it is and what it wuz..
Now here comes tha clincer I just sat down to blog for a minute but..

Ah.. I can't rhyme with clincer... but that was *tight!


*A half-pipe is a structure used in gravity extreme sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, freestyle BMX and inline skating.

*A diss is an insult to someone, or to insult someone. This hip hop term is an evolved (read shortened) version of “disrespect”.

*Tight: 1. adj./adv. an older term that still maintains its presence that means good or very nice. "Man . . . did you see that lowered Cadillac? It was tight!"

Nightshift... one of my better vids.