Thursday, December 31, 2009


These amature photos were taken by an anonymous photographer in the parking lot of Wal-Mart in the quiet rural town of Greenville Mississippi. This photo is thought to be solid evidence of the existence of the elusive Chickacarrabra. Real or fake? You decide.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Swiss Cheese Cake

Ok I know it's been a long time.  Sorry.  Been busy with the new job.  I'm finally settling down enough to start blogging again.  Here is something Angela and I made last night.  It's our first cake!  Were so proud!  Hope you like it and ill be on track again soon.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

What's Up DOC?

Well I started my new position this week as Assistant Fire Marshal. I'll have to admit that most of this week I was thinking that I made a mistake taking this position. All the time alone that I had on my two days off after a 24 hour shift at a fire station... gone. It's been hard adjusting. I've been on 24/48 shift work for the past 5 1/2 years! What was I thinking going back to 8 to 5? Anyway, I was really getting a little depressed about it this morning and my mind was not all that sharp. Today was also my first day on my own. The Fire Marshal took the day off and left me to inspect about 20 businesses. The first one of the day was a doctor's billing office which was supposed to be in this particular

building in section "C". I went inside and spoke to the first person I saw. He looked very busy but I didn't have the mentality to be polite. I found out he was in charge and I quickly informed him of my obligation to inspect his office. He didn't look too happy about it and seemed puzzled that I was there in the first place. So, I did my inspection and found that both fire extinguishers were expired for over a year. I told the guy that and he sort of gave me this, "ok but exactly who do you think you're talking to?" look. I guess he felt I was trying to bully him or something and I wondered why someone in charge of medical billing would be so irritated by my inspection. Anyway I told him I wouldn't fail

him if he could get the extinguishers inspected today and I would gladly come back this afternoon. That seemed to really piss him off but I just said: "hey that's HIS problem". So when I finally returned that afternoon I noticed right off when I walked into the door that there was a big bulletin board full of mug shots of "Wanted" suspects, which I thought was odd for a doctors office. Anyway, I talked to the guy and he said that the extinguishers were inspected and tagged and I inspected them and they were. I told him thank you and then exited the building. When I looked back I saw MDOC on the doorway above the door. Didn't see that this morning in my early funk of mind. I couldn't help but laugh. I went back in and informed him of my mistake and promised not to hassle them anymore t

his year. "At least you're up to date" I told him and he agreed and I left snapping the above pic. I never did find the doctors office though. It wasn't all my mistake the paper read 819 Main Suite C plain as day. I felt better after that. I think I will like this job. I'm giving it until next weekend before I start questioning my new career choice. Hopefully it will all work out. I'm still a little worried it will affect my music career but then again, unless I'm playing some major gigs I don't think I'll miss playing local bars and restaurants that much. Time will tell. When it does... I'll tell you all about it.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

What I'm Going to Miss

I thought I would take some pics of some things I would miss about the fire station and about being a firefighter.  The uncomfortable recliners?   The interrupted movies?  The 3 am snot-slingers?  I couldn't think of a whole lot I would miss here except for my crew.  I never shared a college dorm with room mates so I did gain an appreciation for the male comradery that came along with the shift work.  I will miss the guys.  Also engine 6 was my first truck I drove as an engineer.  Coincidentally it was just retired to rest at this very station with me.   I guess ill miss old engine 6.  I still say its the best truck we have..  rides like a Bitch but it rarely ran out of water...  1250 gallons can put out lots of fire.  Besides its a Pierce which any fireman knows is a much better truck than our newer smooth driving E Ones.  I've always said the Pierce was like having a vintage Mercedes rather than a brand new Dodge sedan.  It's the only truck that still has the original door handles.  Quality.  Well its 8:30 pm and nearing my last night at the station.  I hope to God we don't have a fire.  I hope we all get a good nights rest... the entire department,  the entire city, and all my friends, fans and family.   Love you all.  Captain Aubrey Holman... signing off.  

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We Got a New Fire Engine

I rode around all yesterday in this baby.  Fire station 6 got a new engine. Of course I'm not stationed at 6 anymore I was only working for another captain.  I am stationed today and tonight at station 5.  *see new station blog. After this shift I will have been at work for 48 hours.  Normally I would be a little crazy by now but I have some excellent news!  After this shift I will be off my usual 2 days and report to work Monday morning as Assistant Fire Marshal!  Yep I got promoted!  No more 24 hour shifts for me!  I'm 8 to 5 now.   Off on weekends but I will be on call some nights.    So enough about me..  the new truck drives like a Cadillac.  It holds plenty of water.  Over 1000 gallons.  We needed one badly.  It's our second new truck this year.  You know, if a town as poor as Greenville Mississippi can afford 2 new fire trucks and give 60 of its fire department members a raise during a financial drought, then why the hell can't our government manage our tax dollars with the same care?   Ah.... I'm too happy to complain about all that.   Later.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nothing special

<untitled>Ok I'm going to try this.I'm just testing thing out.  I'm hoping this is the kind of program that will allow me to type freely and then copy and paste into another application.  So far it seems to do the trick.  I'm really beginning to enjoy this little program.  


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