Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday April 12, 2011 Amazon Kindle

I've been reading a lot lately. Thanks to my new Kindle from Amazon. As you all know I live in Greenville Mississippi, a vast wilderness of dollar stores and chain restaurants completely void of book stores except for the small best-seller section in Walmart and a very limited store that sells books mainly by Mississippi artists. My wife Angela and I often travel to Jackson Mississippi where we hit the book stores hardcore. Comparatively we have a music store or two with limited supplies. Thank God I already have the instruments of my dreams so I have no desire to look for and "fiddle" around with guitars when we go to Jackson. So, naturally we would have spent an hour or two (often longer) in Border's Books upon every visit. That is.. before we bought each other Kindles. At first I was a little worried that I would miss the feel of holding a nice new paperback. The smell of a new book always got me excited even though it was always a horrible smell of bleached flattened wood and ink. You know what? I didn't and still don't miss books a bit! Save a tree, buy a Kindle. One night I had just finished reading Bram Stoker's Dracula and I began to google vampires and their origins on my Kindle's browser. (Dracula was a free book by the way). Anyway, I stumbled across H.P. Lovecraft's name and decided I would read a few of his short stories seeing as I never had. Not only did I find a complete collection of his short stories but one that cost ONE DOLLAR! One dollar!? Oh I freaked out and now I'm currently reading more books than I can handle. I can't even finish one because as soon as the author of the book I'm currently reading references another book, it sends me on a witchhunt for the referred book. I'm so excited! I used to read encyclopedias when I was a kid and since then I have not enjoyed reading so much. I've read more books in the past few weeks than I've read in the past 5 years. I remember watching a television show on which a man stated that because of some new form of mathematics, we would learn more in the next ten years than humans have learned since the dawn of man! I think because of this new ease of information tranferrence, we are all getting to be more learned and intellegent. We haven't realized it just yet. We're learning more by googling and chatting than we ever have in classrooms. What I love about this vast ocean of information is that there should be no more excuses for ignorance. Of course, there have always been librarys but now... you can have a library in your purse or backpack. And the battery usually lasts a full MONTH on a single charge (as long as you remember to turn the wireless adapter off). Thanks Amazon! Five stars