Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An All Day Job

I recently had to do a fire safety inspection at the local hospital. DRMC.  It was an all day job!  I can't imagine inspecting a New York City hospital!  It was very interesting though.  First time I ever saw a morgue.  Call it a morbid fascination but I had to look inside one of the chambers.  No comment.  Sadly I had my first fire death as an investigator this past Sunday night.  Pretty sad but it was good experience.  Our first fire deaths of the new year.  Hopefully our last. (And my second look at the morgue).  The poor people couldn't get out of the house because of the security door and Windows.   At the same time we couldn't get in fast enough.  I can't stress how dangerous security bars are.  Sure they keep criminals out but they hold you hostage at the same time.  They're just not worth it.  I've had quite a few experiences lately that have brought me to realize the importance of my job as first, a safety inspector and second, a fire investigator.  As much as I hate being the bad guy.. all you business owners and daycare owners etc...  I'll be as sweet as I can be but don't even THINK you're going to run a dangerous business on MY watch!  Fire Marshal Aub Dawg is in yo hizzle,  all up in yo grizzle fo rizzle!  All day long!
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