Saturday, January 2, 2010

About Pickles on Pizza

I thought I would take a moment of our time (mine and yours) to tell you a bit about our beloved "Pickles On Pizza.  I just got back from playing at an almost local restaurant the "Cow Pen".  It was a decent crowd.  Sold some cds and had a good time.  Anyway, when I got home Angela greeted me with open arms and some good reviews news about our 'swiss cheese cake'.  We had a quick dinner and she proceeded to make her cookies for tomorrow's bakery.   Maybe its the Patron or the ease of the 4 day weekend but I caught myself staring at her and grinning ear to ear tonight .   I love that there is a side to my cute cuddly significant other that only I know.  She's absolutely, hands down, (brand new puppy) adorable.  And she's my best friend.  I got all mushy feeling when I saw her in her apron baking cookies.  We have a rare. love that I believe few people experience or even understand.  I just had to get a plain old everyday .photo to share with you guys and gals.  Take a good look folks... that there's the love of my life. Oh and  we've been busy so mind the kitchen.

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  1. Ha! You are such a sweet potato!

  2. Oh...and I love you too! I get all of my ear to ear grins when you are sleeping :)

  3. ...because you look like a Kewpie

  4. Hee, you guys are adorable!

    I totally understand.

  5. How cute is this post! ADORABLE!!! I think you both scored.

  6. Angela: Thank ya honey

    Coquette: how sweet! thanks.

    Jen: I think so too ;)